Monday, November 16, 2009

Lots of Kids

I offered to watch my friend's 3 children today and I just got home. It was great! I think that it helps that her kids are usually pretty well behaved. Her boys played really well with Caleb and her duaghter was such a little snuggle bug. It was a little bit of an opportunity for me to see how challenging 4 kids could be.

I learned a few things:
- 3 years apart is a good age because then you always have a helper for the little ones
- kids play the Wii with WAY more energy and jumping around than adults do (did you know that you need to jump even in baseball?)
- Caleb gains a pound per kilometer of walking (when he wants me to carry him)
- Caleb is the only 19 month old that I know who can go for (at least) a 13 hour day with only a 20 minute power-nap
- God gives you the energy and stamina to keep up with your own kids, but not necessarily someone elses
- I need to plan at least one cup of coffee per day, per child.

And with that, I'm going to watch Caleb run around the house, while I sit on my butt behind the computer wondering where he gets all of his energy. It's certainly not from his mama!

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