Friday, September 24, 2010

Crazy Summer

So my blog has been put on the back-burner for a while as I've had other committments these past few months that took up most of my time. Plus I used to write while Caleb was sleeping but a lot of time I will crash with him at nap time. It's wonderful that he still naps every day!
This doesn't mean that my blog hasn't been on my mind. In fact, it's been on my mind for sometiems hours at a time. Unfortunatly it's usually at about 3am when I'm waking up to pee and then I just lay in bed "writing" articles in my head for the next hour or two until I fall asleep. I'm hoping over the next few months to actually get some of this stuff in type.
Here's a few of the topics that have been on my mind. I'm listing them partially so you can have an idea of what sort of topics I will/might post on in the future but also so that I can refer back to this when I forget what I wanted to write about. (Forgetting happens a lot these last 6 months, baby brain lol!)
The books/web articles I've been reading
Sippy cups
Breastfeeding while pregnant (might do this after the baby is born so I know what the last trimester is like)
Toddler Sleeping habits
Differences in Doctor vs Midwifery care
Entertaining a toddler
Mother-to-mother support system
Creating Independence in children

Those are just the few that pop into my head at this moment. Of course I have more but I can't remember them at the moment. In the 20 minutes I've been typing this I've been distracted by a potty break (Caleb's and mine) a husband coming in, a son going back outside to play (in mama's shoes of course) and showing the hubby an interesting video that a friend came across. So I've been a little distracted!

Quick update on me: feeling large but usually feeling good. Uncomfortable at times but I really shouldn't complain because it could be much worse. Everyone's telling me that I look really cute and pregnant so that's nice :) I realized recently that I should maybe think about getting some more newborn diapers (I have about 2 covers, 10diapers plus the flats that I could fold) and maybe find/wash some newborn clothes. I've got to look into prepping the carseat and in a couple month we'll have to install it. Plus I want to do Christmas cards this year but should probably get everything ready to go before the baby comes so that when he/she arrives I can stick a picture on and print them and send them out. So there's my to-do list for baby. Or at least that's what I've thought of so far... I think I need to go catch my little monkey right now and try to get him to nap. More for Mama's sake than for his!