Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Milkies for Everyone!

I am nursing my toddler. There, I said it. He's 18 months and going strong. We both enjoy it and we don't have any plans to stop nursing any time soon. That being said, nursing a toddler is completely different than nursing an infant.

This morning I nursed a zebra...

A friend was over with her little guy (5 weeks old) and sat on the couch nursing him in the football hold and he curled his little legs around his mommys back and sucked (for the most part) contentedly. Caleb is a little different. He comes up to me, tugs my shirt a bit and I have to remind him to ask. So he makes the sign for "milkies" and gets himself into position to nurse. Most of the time he's really good about either just sitting on my lap or laying in a (large) cradle hold. Sometimes he decides to attempt to stand while nursing and winds up with his head down and butt in the air. Sometimes he decides to look around everywhere while nursing. But he's usually pretty calm about it, which I appreciate.

Recently he has decided that milkies are for sharing. He grabs the Teddy bear and tries to stuff this teddy up (or down, depending on my neckline) my shirt. The first couple times he did this I just started laughing, which of course encouraged him to continue this new game. It's very sweet of him to want to share. Although most of the time I pull out the milkies and teddy's needs get postponed while Caleb sits down to have a snack and cuddle. Caleb is a very generous little boy as he has shared milkies with...
Sorry, break from blogging to find Caleb knee deep in the cats' water dish. Dry pants and socks and porch privilages revoked for the day. And now I'm typing with a botb (baby on the boob).

Now where was I? Oh right, sharing milkies. So far he has shared with the teddy dog, teddy bear, dolly, the "Little People" zoo animals, Noah's Ark animals, one of our housecats (the cat didn't co-operate with turning his head the right way so Caleb gave up quickly on that one, thanksfully) and one time even a fire truck. I wonder what he thinks a truck needs with milkies?

I'm just waiting for the day that he tries to nurse things himself. And in the meantime I try to take pride in the fact that he thinks Mama's Milkies are good enough to share with everything.

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